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Django Mango

Django Mango

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For music search of jazz, raga, instrumental music, ethnic trance, songs, mp3 download, music video, and youtube music. Enjoy our Earth Fusion Music.

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Welcome to Earth Fusion Music

Earth FusionMusic

My wish is to share with you various aspects of creative expression.

Bali (the island I visited every year since my youth) has been the Great Muse that has inspired me. I would like to express my respect, affection and gratitude to the Indonesian people for receiving me in their country with so much Love.

My Free Music Samples

To thank you for visiting, I would like to offer Free Music Downloads

Healing Sounds is a 50 min length instrumental music, a free music download for a journey within.

Download via Google play, this android application is free

contact: openpositive@hotmail.com

Django mango

Django Mango
Earth Fusion Music by Victor Vidal Paz (alias Django Mango)