Secrets of the Yellow Emperor

Bamboo Flute, Flamenco Guitar, Vocal, Harp and Indo-Afro-Cuban Drums

Title of the Pieces:

  1. Camino (The Way)
  2. Song to the muse Euterpe
  3. The mystery is within you
  4. Song to the spirit of nature
  5. I need you like the flowers need the sun
  6. Following the middle path
  7. Lost in the labyrinth of my mind
  8. The spirit of the Warrior
  9. Looking with the eyes of the Devil
  10. The Yellow Emperor
  11. Indo-Afro-Cuban Drums

The Yellow Emperor of China had three female advisors well trained by older women in the art of love.

Sü nü, the plain girl of the White River, advised the Emperor about love, developing trust and being gentle and respectful to women.
Sü nü used to play a harp with fifty strings while narrating stories at full moon. The Emperor thought that both she and the harp were getting too strong and dangerous for men, so he reduced the strings of the harp to twenty-five strings. Right girl, wrong Emperor.
Tzai Nü the mysterious girl, said to the Yellow Emperor, ‘The moon is the eye of the night and the mirror of women. Women, like the moon, are very changeable. The secret for men, is to know what to do or what to say at the right time in order to obtain their desires’. ‘The mysterious girl looked deep into the Emperor’s eyes and said softly, ‘With woman, don’t appeal to her virtues, appeal to her passions’.
Shuang Nü the dark girl, advised the Yellow Emperor on war strategies and the importance of being brave. Shuang Nü used to play a big drum when the Emperor needed power to overcome fear. The dark girl said to the Yellow Emperor, ‘When the dragon of fear crosses the path leading to the temple of experience, don’t think twice-cut off its head. Shuang Nü came to him and whispered in his ear: ‘Don’t let your fears stand in the way of realising your dreams, because extraordinary things happen only to the brave!’
From a book written by Vidal Paz alias Django Mango entitled Secrets of the Yellow Emperor

Featuring Artists:

Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia Bamboo FluteTata Güines Conga, Devaki Pandit Vocal, Chicuelo Flamenco GuitarNoriko TamburaIsmet Ruchimat Kantele (Harp from Finland)Agus Supriawan Sundanese DrumsDodong Karinding and Biringdong, Victor Manuel Cajón (Drum from South America), Sam Conga and DjembeDjango Mango Tabla, African Drums, Gongs and Storyteller.

All the instruments used in this sound recording are accoustic
Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Tata Güines, Django Mango