It is a privilege to present whom is considered, by many, to be the top saxo soprano player in the world today.


Part of the little raft´s belongings consisted of an old sail, and this they spread over a nook in the bushes for a tent to shelter their provisions; but they themselves would sleep in the open air in good weather, as became outlaws.

  1. Flying beyond the clouds
  2. From Timbuktu to Kathmandu
  3. Six Sense
  4. Saraswati went to Cuba (Dedicated to Pablo Martinez)
  5. Stop thinking and start living
  6. Without rehearsal

Featuring Artists:

German Velazco (Cuba) - Saxo Soprano
Sunil Bardeva (Nepal) - Accoustic guitar
Navaraj Gurung (Nepal) - Tabla
Six Sense (Cuba) - Vocal
Michael Gonzalez (Cuba) - Trumpet
Yaroldi (Cuba) - Conga
El Fino (Cuba) - Double Bass
Django Mango (Spain) - Hang, Cajon y Udu

My gratitude and respect to Felix and Sabina for their hospitality and for their great invention the Hang

All the instruments used in this sound recording are accoustic