Moon Magic



Moon Magic is a fusion music of Indian, Indonesia & African music to feel and bring the world together.

Titles of the Pieces

  1. Moon Magic.
  2. Caravan to Timbuktu.
  3. Dead Leaves Dancing in the Wind.
  4. Love is the Winner.
  5. Journey to the Light Within.
  6. Rainbow on the Wings.
  7. One World.
  8. No Fear.
  9. God is in you.
  10. Listen to the Sound Listen to the Silence.
  11. The Flight of the Eagle.
  12. Song to Madhu Bamba the “Marabu” of Senegal.

Featuring Artists:

Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia Bamboo FluteIsmet Ruchimat Harps from Sunda and FinlandAgus Supriawan Sundanese DrumsDodong Karinding and Biringdong & MaracasKus GongsDjango MangoTabla and African Drums

All the instruments used in this sound recording are accoustic

Examples of music



Recorded by Mr. Chepi & Mixed by Mr. Chepi and Vidal Paz at Jugala Studio Bandung, Jl. Kapa 15 Bandung
Recorded by Mr. Daman Sood at Western Outdoor Studio Mumbay, India
© ℗ for India, Nepal, Sri Lanka for Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia.
© ℗ for Indonesia, to the Indonesian musicians and Mr. Chepi.
© ℗ for to the rest of the world Vidal Paz.
Art Work, Didik Wahyudiadi.

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