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The Dance of the Little Devil

Written by: Victor Vidal Paz alias Django Mango

Indo – Afro – Cuban Jazz

The Dance of the Little Devil is a Jazz innovation created by combining Afro-Cuban and Asian drums. To make this sound recording as spontaneous as possible, the producer has agreed with the musicians that they should play over without rehearsing or previously listening to the base drum track composed by Tata Güines and Django Mango. None of the musicians asked the sound engineer to rewind the master tape, because they were unsure or wanted to repeat a particular phrase. We can say that Secrets of the Little Devil is music from the heart that proves the outstanding improvisation qualities of the Cuban Jazz musicians.

I would like to express my respect affection and gratitude to all the artist that cooperated. Download music from this album today.

Featuring Artists:

Agus Supriawan Sundanese Drums, Changuito Drums, Timbales Congas, Django Mango Tabla, Derbuka, Djembe, Dodong Karinding and Biringdong, El Greco Trumpet, Fran Emilio Piano, German Velasco Soprano and Saxo Alto, Horacio Fumero Double Base, Ismet Ruchimat Gongs, Maraca Flute, Noberto Acoustic Guitar,  Tata Güines Conga. (By alphabetic order)


All the instruments used in this sound recording are accoustic

Cover Illustration by Gede (Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, Bali).
Illustration concept Vidal Paz (alias Django Mango)
© ℗ for Cuba Tata Güines
© ℗ for Indonesia, to the Indonesian musicians and Mr. Chepi.
© ℗ for the rest of the world Vidal Paz.
Tabla made by Muntaj Varanasi, Kundigartola, India.
Recorded in Egrem Studio, La Habana Cuba. Jancadela Studio Barcelona Spain, Jugala Studio Bandung Jawa Barat (Indonesia)  by Ramon Alom, Eduardo Perez, Luis Atance &  Chepi.
Mixed by the above sound engineers and Vidal Paz.
Art Work, Didik Wahyudiadi.

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