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Sunda Africa (No Risk No Fun)

Written by: victor Vidal Paz alias Django Mango

Sundanese Music with Indo – Afro Cuban Drums

I would like to express my respect and gratitude to the musicians who cooperate with me in creating Sunda Africa. (No Risk No Fun)

Another best-selling album of our production house. Download mp3 music from Sunda Africa today.

Featuring Artists:

Burhan Bamboo FluteTata Güines CongaNeng  Ani VocalAsep Aung Bamboo Flute (Piece #3 & 6)Ismet Ruchimat Kantele (Harp from Finland)Agus Supriawan Sundanese DrumsDodong Karinding and BiringdongDjango Mango Tabla, Derbuka Djembe.

All the instruments used in this sound recording are accoustic

Cover painting by pak Nadia, Tanah Lot, Bali
Illustration concept Vidal Paz (alias Django Mango)
© ℗ for Indonesia, to all Sundanese musician and Mr. Chepi
© ℗ for the rest of the world Vidal Paz.
Tabla made by Muntaj (Varanasi) Kundigortala, India
Recorded by Mr. Chepi in Jugala Studio, Bandung. Jalan Kapa 15.
Mixed by Mr. Chepi and Vidal Paz
Art Work, Didik Wahyudiadi

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