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Shaman of the Sahara

Written by: Victor Vidal Paz alias Django Mango

Moroccan Hypnotic Trance Singing and Indo-Afro-Cuban Drums

The “Gnawa (Gnaoua)” is an ethnic group that originated from Ghana, now living in Morocco. In Shamans of the Sahara, the lead singer is  El Malem Mahmoud Gania. While singing, El Malem accompanies himself with the “Sentir Sintir” (Guembri), a two string ethnic bass made with camel skin. El Malem Mahmoud Gania is also a “Shaman” that practice trance healing ceremonies that last the whole night until sunrise.

This is a rare beautiful music production with ethnic hypnotic trance singing that will blow your mind away. Get this special album trance music songs mp3 now!


Featuring Artists:

El Malem Mahmoud Gania Bamboo Vocal and SentirTata Güines CongaIsmet Ruchimat Kantele (Harp from Finland)Agus Supriawan Sundanese DrumsDodong Karinding and BiringdongDjango Mango Tabla, Derbuka, Djembe, Vocal song #5

All the instruments used in this sound recording are accoustic

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