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India meets the Gypsies

Written by: Victor Vidal Paz alias Django Mango

Bamboo Flute, Vocal, Flamenco, Guitar and Indo – Afro – Drums

There has been a mystery for many centuries as to where the Gypsies came from. Now it is certain that they came from North India. Their language, Romany, has many similarities with Hindi.

History explains that the Gypsies were driven out by invaders from the north. They abandoned their homeland in caravans and began a long journey to the West. When they reached Turkey, there was a disagreement between the two main chiefs. Some caravans went to Hungary and Rumania, where many Gypsies can still be found; the others went to Egypt, from which the word ‘Gypsy’ takes its name. They kept on traveling through North Africa in search of more fertile lands. At last they arrived in Spain and settled in Andalusia, where most of the Spanish Gypsies live.
Flamenco singing (cante hondo) has distinctive similarities with classical Indian singing, and flamenco dancing (zapateado) with its fast foot movements is clearly influenced by Indian dancing (katak) and Indian drumming (tabla and merdangan). In classical Indian drumming there is a rhythm called ektal which consists of twelve beats, and one of the most popular rhythms in flamenco is the buleria also with twelve beats.

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Featuring Artists:

Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia Bamboo FluteDevaki Pandit VocalChicuelo Flamenco GuitarVictor Manuel CajónAgus Supriawan Sundanese DrumsDodong Karinding and BiringdongDjango MangoTabla, Derbuka and Gongs.


All the instruments used in this sound recording are accoustic

Cover Illustration by Gede (Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, Bali). Illustration concept Vidal Paz (alias Django Mango)
Recorded by Luis Atance in. Jancadela Studio Barcelona Spain, Chepi – Jugala Studio Bandung, West Jawa.  D. Roy and Surjit – Ghosh Tune Studio Mumbay India.
Mixed by the above sound engineers and Vidal Paz.
© ℗ for India Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia
© ℗ for Indonesia, to Indonesian musicians and Mr. Chepi.
© ℗ for to the rest of the world Vidal Paz.
Tabla made by Muntaj Varanasi, Kundigartola, India.
Art Work, Didik Wahyudiadi.

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