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Healing Sounds

Written by: Vasily Dubov and Victor Vidal Paz

Music eases the tension and clears the mind from obscure emotions

It consists 50 minute of soothing music.

This music with brief narration was inspired by Vasily Dubov, a Russian musician who played the Armenian flute, Indian Ishraj and Clarinet in this sequence.

The words are about love, forgiveness, appreciation of nature and silence, and the courage to live our dreams. From all forms of art the one that may have the strongest influence in changing the curse of your life is the power of thought.

Find some time to relax without disturbance for 60 minutes. Focus on your breaths. Breathe in and out deeply for a while. Use a headphone to fully absorb the meditative sounds that will bring you a peace of mind.

The various instruments played at different segments of the music are: Armenian flute, Swiss Hang, Indian Ishraj, Javanese Gongs, Kantele from Finland, Bamboo Flute, Clarinet, Nigerian Udo, and Tibetan Singing bowls.

Special features:

  • A unique blend of ancient percussion instruments to increase healing vibrations
  • Melodies at a relaxing rhythmic pace
  • Musical instruments used change every 5 minutes for a variety of soothing sounds

Version 1.0. This android application is free, but features a small ad to support the production costs
(it cannot be turned off).

Content rating: Everyone

Vasily Dubov Ash, Weilina, and Django Mango


  1. AhSoon Sim

    Listening to very soothing music Nice !

  2. Nice and soothing music….it help me to relax!!!

  3. Victor Ngui

    Sleep Well

  4. Nice to relax!!!

  5. Vishal

    Really felt relax it gives takes us makes us feel calm

  6. Arte puro con mucho sentimiento

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