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Vidal Paz alias Django Mango

Django Mango (Victor Vidal Paz)

Victor Vidal Paz, a multi-creative Catalan born in Barcelona, Spain is the author of the book “Secrets for your Inner Warrior.” Apart from publishing 5 other books on short stories and multi-dimensional photography, he has also conceived and produced numerous CDs on fusion jazz percussion music; 7 CDs with the Indian bamboo flute master “Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia”, 2 CDs with Cuban musicians like “Tata Güines”, “German Velazco” and “Changuito,” and 4 other CDs with Indonesian and Moroccan musicians. He introduced the tabla and the djembe in the Sundanese, Balinese  (Bamboo Gamelan) and Moroccan music.

The love for people and music has led him to travel 117.000 kilometers overland in Africa researching music and culture. His other adventures include living with ethnic tribes in the most natural environment namely the Hyxkariana of the Brazilian Amazon, the Adivasis of India, the Dagun Danis of New Guinea, and the Himbas of Namibia. He is able to speak 12 languages.

He has also performed drum solo concerts under the stage name “Django Mango.” Currently, he is working, with his film partner Shakana Moon on music documentary series on Indonesia, Turkey, India, Nepal, Morocco, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana.

He lives in both Bali.

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Vidal Paz alias Django Mango

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