The Photographs

About the Photographs My aim is to find a unity between the beauty of the Desert and the Woman. All models, none of them professional had the right to destroy any slide which was not to their taste. Technical Details: Following the wisdom of the great French photographer Cartier Breson, no photographs have been cropped, and none of the colors in these pictures have been manipulated by computer or in the dark room. Enlarging part of a photograph is an easy alternative for an artist who is not fully satisfied read more

The Sculptures

I conceived the sculptures as a dance of shapes and colours that purpose as the supreme goal of all artists, to provoke emotions. The size of the sculptures can range from 4 meters height to 30 centimeters. The Woman appears to be the great inspiring muse and the force of Love that rules the world. In others I try to find a fusion between the inimitable abstract beauty of nature and the concretion of forms. As Francis Bacon said: The role of an artist is always to deepen the mystery, read more

The Multi Dimensional Photografic Paintings

This is a new art form.The images are photographs of paintings reflected on mirrors, done in a way to create a multfi-dimensional effect. None of this slides have been manipulated in the dark room or in the computer. All have been done in the most natural way between 1980 and 1992 before the invention of digital photography. There was no shaking the camara at low speed, artificial lighting, filters or any type of techno trick. The lenses I used were only 50mm and 35mm. The Divine Devil: Searching for the Inner Pearl: read more