Secrets for Your Inner Warrior

In keeping with the Taoist maxim that “less is more”, I have written these forty short stories as concisely as possible. As the stories are condensed, it is advisable to read only a few at a time. The book may also be regarded as a gateway to the unknown—you can dip into it randomly and reflect on how the story applies to your life. C.G. Jung called it “synchronicity”, the messages conveyed to us by incomprehensible, apparently whimsical coincidences. Translated from Spanish to English by Dominic Currin Feature Dewa Ruchi, read more


This book is dedicated to all the Bule, that have not exhausted the gift of sense of humor and laughing at themselfs. I am sure that some of these drawings will be like a mirror where you will see your self reflected and I hope it will bring a smile to your face. Author Information Concept designer: ©Vidal Paz YOU TUBE Django Mango Drums Solo (Stage name of Vidal Paz) website for the films: He lives in both Bali and Brazil. Illustrator: Gendut I Nyoman Arya Saktrisna, was read more

Best 101 Jokes about the Mobile

Best 101 Jokes about the Mobile This book is dedicated to all mobile lovers who have not yet exhausted their sense of humor and ability to laugh at themselves. These drawings are like mirrors to see yourself reflected in. We hope they will bring a smile to your face   read more