The Film-Maker

Shakana Moon, In Beirut, he lectures in Arabic, French and English about self-help, eastern mysticism and man’s relationship to the universe. He was born in Beirut to a French mother and a Lebanese father. He studied fine art in Paris. On two occasions he came close to death in confrontations with Palestinians. At the outbreak of the first Civil War in 1975, he left Lebanon with his camera, paintings and paintbrushes. Fascinated by the East, he went on retreats in monasteries in the Himalayas in search of the meaning of read more

Django Mango (Victor Vidal Paz)

Victor Vidal Paz (alias Django Mango), a multicreative Catalan born in Barcelona, Spain is the author of the book “Secrets for your Inner Warrior.” Apart from publishing 5 other books on short stories and multi-dimensional photography, he has also conceived and produced numerous CDs on fusion music; 7 CDs with the Indian bamboo flute master “Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia”, 2 CDs with Cuban musicians like “Tata Güines”, “German Velazco” and “Changuito,” and 4 other CDs with Indonesian and Moroccan musicians. He introduced the tabla and the djembe in the Sundanese, read more

Interview of the Team

This is an interview with a film critic Marco on the team Django Mango and Shakana Moon who are working on a series of musical documentaries. Django Mango is a drummer extraordinaire linguist who speaks 12 languages, and has a natural gift with people, which eases communication with the natives. Shakana Moon is a multi-creative artist and linguist who is the director of photography and chief editor. For more info, email: Copyright © by Victor Vidal Paz and Mounir Khoury read more

The ink illustrator for a book

Pak Kolag and Marsa Dear Reader: let me explain how I first met Pak Kolag. Last century, I went to Ubud, Bali, in search of an ink illustrator for a book I wanted to publish of short stories with photographic paintings entitled, The Return of The God Tintiya. I asked in a “warung” (street stall) where I could find the best ink artist in town. A priest (Pemangku) seated beside me, dressed in white with a red flower on his head scarf, asked me with an ironic expression in his read more